In Print ‘The Baltic Falcon’ -a blockbuster novel from Lynn Williams.

The new blockbuster from Lynn Williams

The new blockbuster from Lynn Williams

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In the immediate aftermath of the Great War, the Baltic became a highly contested territory between those who sought independence, the imperialistic old guard, and the new Bolshevism which threatened to consume all before it. Into this frenzy of civil war poured the German Freikorps with its own agenda, though some viewed it as a liberating force.

Within its ranks were mercenaries, like Kessler, and secret patriots like Steiger, both of whom contribute to the narrative of The Baltic Falcon, which is more than just a novel of their time.

It is a story common to all wars and a romance without physical boundaries, or borders of time.


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Prince Hal and his friend Jack Falstaff

Prince HalA compelling story excellently narrated with vivacious and accessible language, splendid illustrations and brilliant music. An enjoyment in itself and a pathway to Shakespeare’s wonderful play, Henry IV Part One.

A Shakespeare story retold with music (2 CDs) by Alan Oberman and illustrated by Robin Carter.

Prince Hal’s best friend is Jack Falstaff.
He’s fun but dangerous, like fireworks at a party.
They’re always together, drinking in a London pub.
But when an army marches against Hal’s father, King Henry, they have to go to war.
Will Prince Hal turn out to be a brave and true son to the king?
Will Jack Falstaff prove to be a good friend?

“Frightening in some parts and the story is very complex and very, very exciting.
I want to know what is coming next and the story is very descriptive and I would support the book any day of the week. Out of 10, I give a 10.”
Terry Morris (class 7c Llandrindod High School)

“I found that the tone, vocabulary and sentence construction were very well suited to Key Stage 3 students, providing an ideal introduction to Shakespeare’s tale to younger readers.”
Nick Passmore, English Teacher.

ISBN : 978-0-9576791-9-1

To order and for more information please contact the author Alan Oberman

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