‘To Dylan’ poetry ebook available

The new book of poems ‘ To Dylan’ by Robert Gurney inspired by Dylan Thomas, the Welsh poet, whose Centenary is being celebrated this year, is now available as  an eBook from Amazon. The print version is available shortly either direct from us or your local bookshop.

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New in print by Ken James – Gerwyn’s Problems

Gerwyn's ProblemKen James’ new novel Gerwyn’s Problems is now available in print. Ken is also the author of Anna from Hay published by Cambria Books.

About Gerwyn’s Problems

Gerwyn is a little man in all respects, short, quiet, unambitious and a great worrier. All he wants in life is an upgrade in his job that will bring in a little more money for his family. However, he was an unlucky man and was plagued by many occurrences, some trivial others that changed his life dramatically.

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In Print ‘The Baltic Falcon’ -a blockbuster novel from Lynn Williams.

The new blockbuster from Lynn Williams

The new blockbuster from Lynn Williams

Available NOW in Print and eBook

In the immediate aftermath of the Great War, the Baltic became a highly contested territory between those who sought independence, the imperialistic old guard, and the new Bolshevism which threatened to consume all before it. Into this frenzy of civil war poured the German Freikorps with its own agenda, though some viewed it as a liberating force.

Within its ranks were mercenaries, like Kessler, and secret patriots like Steiger, both of whom contribute to the narrative of The Baltic Falcon, which is more than just a novel of their time.

It is a story common to all wars and a romance without physical boundaries, or borders of time.


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