Blessed are the cracked

Delphine Richards

Short stories by Delphine Richards

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ISBN: 978-0-9574894-3-1

In ‘Donald’s Cat’, Kay Jones becomes trapped in an abandoned explosives store while searching for a missing cat. As the air runs out and she prepares to meet her demons, more recent unpleasant memories add to her trauma.

A middle-aged man with Learning Difficulties takes worrying action when he fails to make sense of his surroundings in ‘The Llanefa Triangle’.

In The Perfect Wife, a vulnerable Filipina woman comes to the UK to marry an older man. His idea of the perfect wife is very different to hers.

This interconnected collection of five novellas and two short stories from the casebook of retired local policeman Tegwyn Prydderch, is set in the fictional West Wales farming community of Llanefa. Delphine Richards’s dark tone dealing with traumatic issues of life and crime paints a shockingly different picture of life in rural West Wales.

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An experienced writer in several formats from magazine articles, short stories, to a weekly newspaper column, Delphine Richards’s new work draws on her real life experience as a member of the Welsh Police in rural Wales. In these dark tales, she brings to fictional life a new, uniquely Welsh, policeman character, Tegwyn Prydderch, from whose grisly casebook and early memories these stories are drawn.

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