Anarchy in a Cold War

Anarchy in a Cold War

West Berlin 1981

A novel of Berlin, living with the Bomb, Punk, protest and alternatives.

West Berlin in the 1980s, a city surrounded by a wall, razor wire and machine gun posts.

Like Germany itself, it was divided into four sectors after the Second World War. The American, British and French sectors have become West Berlin, while the Russian sector has become Communist East Berlin. The Berlin Wall surrounds the American, British and French Sectors, a capitalist enclave where there is much that is familiar and much that is not.

The Cold War is at its height and the nuclear missiles are armed and waiting in their silos.

There is no internet and perhaps NO FUTURE.

If nuclear war breaks out there will be a four minute warning.

Reality? Sur-reality? Or hyper-reality?

Then there are the squatters and the police …