About Us

Our authors like us because we have traditional values of quality and personal service coupled to the latest technology and world wide distribution.

New print technology, eReaders and improved global distribution channels have made it more accessible, quicker and easier for writers to get published with our help.

As an independent imprint established 10+ years, we can provide all those professional services that you need to give your book the best chance of success in a crowded marketplace.

Our Author Services include:

Professional Editorial services.
Choice of book cover designers
Layout and design services.
Fast publication within 4-12 weeks after manuscript approval.
We publish in hardcover, softcover, pdf, and electronic formats.
We distribute content for reading devices including iPad, Nook, Kindle, Sony Reader and other devices and smartphones
We print-on-demand in the UK, Australia and US.

The Publication Process

Cambria Publishing evaluates a proposal on the basis of an outline, a sample chapter, or an entire manuscript within 1-3 weeks using our team of ‘readers’.
The author must provide content from word processed files. Cambria Publishing then edits and professionally prepares print-ready copy using advanced book design software. We offer a  custom design full-colour cover service for books.

Trade Distribution

All Cambria Publishing books are available to individual readers through our partnership with a large number of online retailers and intermediaries, including Amazon and Google and by reaching individual bookstores through the Ingram and Gardners worldwide distribution network.
Cambria  Publishing books are assigned an ISBN number. See our FAQs

Publications are also marketed on our web site.

Direct Sales

We also sell books DIRECT through our website.

The Submissions Process

Before submitting to us please see our FAQs.

You can submit manuscripts here

Get in Touch

If you are interested in talking to us about your project or wish to stock our books, please contact us and we will get back to you.