About Denis Campbell

Denis G. Campbell has provided Americas Commentary to global television (BBC, itv, Al Jazeera, CNN, AVRO, MSNBC), radio (BBC, China Ragio international, npr, PBS) and numerous print magazines and newspapers for 10-years.

He is an American/British journalist and author based in the UK. As Editor of UK Progressive Magazine, he is a frequent political, business and Middle East analyst and contributor.

Author of the book Egypt Unshackled, he detailed the events of 18 days of revolution in Cairo via the social media communications of those on the ground.

In Lipstick on THIS Pig? – the 1st e-book in this WTF Are they Doing? series, he talked about how far off the rails the Republican/GOP/Tea Party has ventured via their collective ODS (Obama derangement Syndrome).

In The Vagina Wars and The Vagina Wars on Steroids he details the GOP’s War on Women, from wages to the Pill, abortion to Donna Reed stereotypes, the US Republican Party is racing backwards to the 1940s at breakneck speed. He also examines the impact of the general battle on the 99%, the mendacity of the current GOP candidate and the obscene amount of money in the political process.

Magic Underwear in the Situation Room examines the USA’s first ever Mormon candidate for president, the history of that church, questions whether a member of the LDS Church can be supported by the RW Christian conservatives currently and the social issues ruling the election cycle.

He writes from a 200-year-old farmhouse atop the breath-taking cliffs of the Glamorgan Heritage Coast. This is a place where history saw landowners crash returning ships from the Asian spice trade on the rocks below by tying lanterns to sheep necks and then use the timbres of those wrecked ships to build a pub behind a circa 1100 monastery’s remains where the brothers brewed their own beer and their carousing was the bane of the Abbot of Neath.
Wales is a land of great stories and there is no better place on earth from which to tell them.