A Turbid Affair

Frustrated with life as a university lecturer and in the prime of life he is not looking forward to doing the same job for another twenty years. He has a choice: count the days to retirement or make the days count. He chooses the more risky but exciting option of becoming a business mercenary; a freelance manager of projects in high risk areas. The more dangerous the country, the more money he can make.

His first assignment takes him to Africa to turn around the fortunes of a British company where managing the problems associated with the business is complicated by other challenges and dangers that confront him. Armed robbers, corrupt police, greedy bank officials, religious fanatics, women and a cheating boss try to bring Dan down; but he is made of sterner stuff.

The story is full of love and hate, generosity and greed, life and death, wealth and poverty, humour and sadness.

Price: £7.95 + 1.50 p&p

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