“As a book publisher, we do all the complicated and boring stuff leaving you to concentrate on your writing.”

“New print technology, eReaders and improved global distribution channels have made it more accessible and easier for writers to get published with our help and with an established imprint. We can provide all those professional services that authors need to give their book the best chance of success in a crowded marketplace.”

The Submissions Process

Before submitting to us please read our FAQs. You can submit manuscripts HERE.

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Our Latest Publications

The Cave of Shadows

There came a day when Jon and Shana realised that there was something wrong with the Universe. And so began their journey into a maelstrom of dangers as they searched for the solution to the enigma of their existence.

The new fantasy science fiction novel by Martyn Vaughan author of Quantum Exile.

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Quantum Exile

A Science Fiction novel by Martyn Vaughan illustrating the concept in physics of the “Many Worlds” interpretation of quantum mechanics through the experiences of an unusual man who is able to be consciously aware of the existence of other realities in the quantum realm.

£6.99 + P&P

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Magic Islands

A ‘magical’ illustrated adventure fantasy tale for children by Irene Edwards telling of dragons, wizards and witches. Imagine yourself making a wish…and it suddenly becoming granted. For children aged 8-12.
ISBN: 978-1-9161619-4-8

£12.99 + P&P

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Our Author Services

Professional Editorial services.
Proof reading
Choice of book cover designers
Layout, formatting and design services.
Fast publication within 4-12 weeks after manuscript approval.
We publish in hardcover, paperback, pdf, and eBook formats.
We  print-on-demand in the UK, US and Australia.

The Process

Cambria Publishing evaluates a proposal on the basis of an outline, a sample chapter, or an entire manuscript within 1-3 weeks using our team of ‘readers’.
The author must provide content from word processed files. Cambria Publishing then edits and professionally prepares print-ready copy using advanced book design software. We offer a  custom design full-colour cover service for books.

As a brief guide, we have listed HERE in a table the various types of publication available to authors and their approximate costs and time frames. Contact us for more detailed information.

Trade Distribution

All Cambria books are available to individual readers through our partnership with a large number of online retailers and intermediaries, including Amazon and by reaching individual bookstores through the Ingrams, Bertrams and Gardners worldwide distribution network.
See a list of our TRADE DISTRIBUTION partners. See our FAQs

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Our current catalogue of titles can be downloaded below.

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