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"I hope everyone has the best Christmas they can. I would also like to thank everyone, our valued authors, colleagues, supporters and readers for your continued support and hope for better times ahead."
Chris Jones. Publisher | Editor

Facebook Support Group

We have set up a private Facebook Group for our authors and the people who work with us, such as designers, editors, marketers. Please consider joining and contributing to this group. We post advice articles, book reviews, notices and bits of news that might be helpful to you.
To join you will need to have facebook account and either search for Cambria Books Community or go HERE.
We look forward to seeing you in the Group.

Flip-Book Samples

We have started to add samples (30-50 pages) of each of our titles in the form of 'flip-books' and pdf downloads. This is a well known (eg.Amazon!) way of providing a 'taster' of the book contents before purchasing the book. An example of this can be seen HERE.

What's happening?

Cambria Publishing is a digital services publishing business which means that most colleagues are and have been 'working online' from wherever they are based. All our titles are still being printed by the printer (Lightning Source) and distributed worldwide by Ingram who are working 'normally' at this time. Print books are still being delivered direct to customers by Amazon, Ingram Distribution or by us direct.

Some changes

For the past few years, we have kept the prices for our services low and well below those of our competitors but from January 2021 we will be marginally increasing our adminstration charges and the charge for the use of our trade distribution and sales network. We need to do this in order to continue investing in and growing the business and to cover the increased costs of our suppliers.

Marketing Services

There has always been a need for 'book marketing' services and we have always done more for authors than most small publishers and at our own cost. As our experience has grown we can now offer sophisticated new tools and avenues for this. This includes more advertising on social media, Nielsen 'Book2Look', improved trade listings, and even Net Galley reviews. These new extra services may be beneficial for some authors.
We also encourage you to do as much promotion yourselves, such as by setting up an author page on Amazon and engaging as much as possible with social media.

Book Cover Design

We are proud of the fact that all the covers for our books are designed and illustrated in-house by the very talented group of freelancers that have worked with us for many years. Chief amongst these is Carolyn Michel who does exceptional work in understanding and visualising an author's vision. It is a known fact that an attractive cover is a huge asset when potential customers are browsing a bookshop or online.

Editorial Services

We all know that your manuscript is not the finished book. You have the vision and talent to write stories but may not have the patience or desire to complete the process by finicky copy editing, proof reading and the other 'boring bits' to finalise a manuscript and prepare it for publication. This is where we can and do help you.

Write that book!

Now is also a very good time to start work (or finish) that book we all have within us or the next one. Get in touch if you want help or advice.

Please see our book list - HERE

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