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We hope all our readers, colleagues and authors stay safe and well during the coronovirus pandemic. If you want something to read then we have some excellent titles and some eBooks free to download as well (see below).


Mary Jane-A game of shadows

Mary Jane – A Game of Shadows

This novel by Linden Peach is speculative historical fiction telling the compelling life story of Mary Jane Kelly, the last victim of one of Britain’s most infamous serial killers, Jack the Ripper, and the story of a Welsh veterinary surgeon, who finds that Mary Jane is her unexpected great-great-great grandmother.
Print ISBN 978-1-8380752-8-6
Publishing date: Mid October 2020

Chaos in Cosmos

The new fantasy narrative for children aged between 8 to 12 years by Irene Edwards author of Magic Islands.

It sets the scene for young readers to learn and understand the effects of a warmer chaotic world, and aims at promoting such concepts through storytelling and adventure, thus exposing some of the global issues surrounding planetary warming, as narrated and visualized through the eyes of magic and fantasy.

This month's featured book is by author
Unnecessary Reactions

Unnecessary Reactions

£19.99 £14.99
GETTING ‘UNNECESSARY’! When high school teacher Mykee Kane learns of the suicide of a close friend, his curiosity will uncover the sordid underbelly of life and crime in a small Welsh town, provoking emotional and violent reactions. He gets … all ‘unnecessary’!
Paperback 514 Pages

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HIDEOUS NIGHT. Read an extract! This a special Book2Look biblet. You may need to 'open this in your browser'.

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Cambria Publishing is a digital services publishing business which means that most colleagues are and have been 'working online' from wherever they are based whether at home or a shed at the bottom of the garden! All our titles are still being printed by the printer (Lightning Source) and distributed worldwide by Ingram who are working 'normally' at this time. Print books are still being delivered direct to your door by Amazon or by us.

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Now is also a very good time to start work (or finish) that book we all have within us or the next one. Read the FAQs on our website and get in touch if you want help or advice.

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Bat Valley

FREE DOWNLOAD during the COVID-12 situation. We hope you enjoy these wonderful short stories.
This the second of Bob Gurney’s collections of humorous short stories set in Africa. You might also enjoy Absurd Tales from Africa.

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Hayti is the novel of the adventures of a Florentine nun who leads a mission to the newly discovered island of Haiti in the 16th Century. She also has a secret assignment – to find out if the passage through to Asia depicted on a world map published by the German cartographer Martin Waldseemüller really exists. A story of intrigue and mystery.
If you like the work of Umberto Eco or Richard Zimler you will love this.

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