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Max by Sonny

Max by Sonny

£12.99 £9.99
A novel by Simon Moffett about how the imaginary characters drawn by a cartoonist take on a life of their own, shaping and influencing the lives and relationships of all around them.
Print ISBN 978-1-9164532-6-5
262 Pages. Paperback and eBook.

Pre-order. Publication – September 2019



A SciFi Novel by Martyn Vaughan.
A jobless man thinks things can’t get
any worse. He discovers how wrong
he is when he is flung into a series of
alternate realities in which he
experiences perils beyond his
understanding. Finally he comes face
to face with a menace that threatens
all that he has ever known and loved.
Print ISBN 978-1-9161619-6-2
144 Pages. Paperback and eBook.

Publication – September 2019

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